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"A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience." ~Sydney Smith
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After Charlie's incredibly thorough work for us, we feel confident that we understand the property's strengths and pitfalls and can make intelligent decisions without having to worry that there's something lurking underneath the surface. Charlie is detailed, professional, courteous, and a heck of a lot of fun to spend time with! His work lives up to even my ridiculously high standards, and we are happy to recommend him to friends, family, and anyone who needs a home inspector who will approach their property with care and detail. Charlie is not only a great inspector, he's a great educator as well -- don't miss the chance to walk through the property with him and have him show you the house through his eyes. You'll learn more than you could expect." Denise P.
Pertinent Facts
  • Graduated in 1973 from the Local 132 United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners with a 4 year Journeyman Carpenter title. I learned from old-time carpenters how homes were built and taught the basic principles of structure and framing from the ground up. Most carpenters today simply assemble parts. I was taught how to make the parts!
  • Employed as a Carpenter and was promoted to Foreman on various residential and commercial projects including the construction of L’Enfant Plaza Metro Center
  •  In 1976 I began my long-standing career at University of Maryland, College Park, beginning as  a carpenter, then a carpenter foreman, then moving into inspection work as a Building Construction Inspector I & II, then into the management of inspections and repairs.
  • From 1976 through 2006 I gained immeasurably knowledge regarding plumbing, electrical systems, structure, roof systems, heating & cooling systems, and how to provide the best customer service through understandable communication and straight forward assessment of problems. My career centered around inspecting buildings, mostly residences, for problems, creating solutions, communicating with people from all walks of the University, and implementing the solutions.
  • June 2006 I completed my 30 year career with the University of Maryland as a Physical Plant Supervisor II.  During my employment with the University I continually proved my dedication to my customers,  continued my own education, and remembered to put family first (Daughter graduated as a Terp in 2000).
  • In 2006, I recognized I was not ready to retire, but rather I wanted to lend a hand to my Maryland neighbors.  I truly believe that through my various 45 years of experience I can assist and educate home buyers, something which is crucial in this economic state of affairs.
  • In May 2006 I successfully completed the  National Home Inspectors Exam.
    • This test was not mandatory for all  current home inspectors and I highly encourage you verify with other Home Inspectors that they have taken (and passed) this test. It is required by both ASHI and NAHI for upper level membership and individuals who are currently applying for a state license.
  • Awareness Home Inspection Services, LLC was successfully launched in May 2006.
  •  Joined ASHI in December of 2006.
  •  Gained ASHI Certification in May of 2008
  • I was the Home Inspection Training instructor for Carroll Community College for the Spring 2011 semester, and again for the Spring 2012 Semester and I am currently one of three instructors for the ASHI School in Baltimore.
  • One of the most important lessons I learned from the University is that our education should never stop, we need to learn something new each day. With that in mind, I am always reading (the Journal of Light Construction is a great magazine!), trying to learn Spanish (hablo muy poco espanol), discussing things with other inspectors, taking classes and seminars on inspection related topics such as photovoltaic power (solar panels!), generator hook-ups, water powered sump pumps, and "green" building techniques. I learn something new each day, and have learned many things from my hundreds of successful home inspections. 
     Send me an email or give me a call so we can discuss what you can expect from me.
     Thank you!
Sincerely, Charlie Rice, A.C.I.

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