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"A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience." ~Sydney Smith
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     Should you shop for a home inspector on price only? No, no, no! This is a big investment you are making so you want a licensed experienced professional inspector using a quality and widely accepted set of standards which meet the Maryland standards, but you want a complete and thorough home inspection at the best price. Always ask your home inspector how long they think the inspection will take. You will find the lower the price, usually the less time they say it takes. Think, how are they saving time,  what are they are skipping?
     I usually inspect Garden Style Condominiums for $250.00, 2 story Row/Town/Duplex Homes w/o garage are usually $350.00, with garage or over 1800 square feet they are $375.00, small Single Family Homes start as low as $350.00 with average homes being between $350.00 and $425.00.  Extra heating/cooling systems, detached garages, older homes, homes over 2,500 square feet, and driving times of over one hour all will involve more time and so I have to charge more for each of these things. 
     A short-term (48 hour) radon test using a Continuous Radon Monitor with a home inspection is $125.00, by itself the test is $150.00. I also offer long term radon testing (between 8 and 90 days, 90 days considered best) for 175.00 using EPA approved RSSI Alpha trackers.(see the "Radon" page for why you may want to have this test)
I also perform Baltimore County Rental Inspections. This inspection is $150.00.


So how can my prices be lower?
"A penny saved is a penny earned" ~ Benjamin Franklin

      Awareness Home Inspection Services, LLC was set up as an independent home inspection company to do home inspections in Maryland at the lowest price to my clients that I could manage. I keep my overhead to a minimum and pass the savings on to my customers. I don't pay the big franchise fees (adds up to 20% extra). I take credit cards through Square at 2.75% (Some take up to 8%) but only for payments of 100.00 or more. I won't pay to belong to any Realtor owned "connection" services (expensive and possibly unethical). I don't invest money in all the extra testing equipment for lead or mold (and I won't push you to hire me for these tests). I don't give out calendars or candy, but  what I will do, as an experienced, professional, and independent home inspector, is perform a home inspection which meets or exceeds  the Maryland standards for home inspections of your home-to-be, with the home inspection report e-mailed to you the same day, with digital photos included.
      Click on the "Services" page for a full description of what you will receive, and click on the "Sample Report" page to see a representation of what your report will look like.
     If you do want additional inspections, such as well yield, termite, etc, please arrange for them yourself. The other inspectors recommend are listed on my "Useful Links" page.
        Payment is expected at the end of the inspection. Payment can be made by most credit cards (100.00 minimum on charge cards), personal check, cash, or money order. I  do not accept any third party checks.
     Send me an email or give me a call so we can discuss what you can expect from me.
      Thank you!
      "$70k worth of repairs that need to be done to fix the existing slab.  Home Inspection: $400, Cracked slab: $70,000. Value of a home inspection: PRICELESS." ~ Stephanie Reynolds,
Sincerely, Charlie Rice, A.C.I.

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