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"A comfortable house is a great source of happiness. It ranks immediately after health and a good conscience." ~Sydney Smith
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     I perform Maryland licensed home inspections, which includes actually getting on and walking the roof in 85% of my inspections, to the Maryland standards for the buyer, pre-sell inspections for the seller, both short term and long term radon testing,  Baltimore County Rental Inspections, and pre-drywall inspections.
     Always ask how your inspector intends to inspect the roof as many inspectors will NOT walk a roof. Many inspectors view the roof through binoculars or digital camera photos, or even using drones, which, while sometimes acceptable, is a limited inspection. Nothing replaces getting boots on the roof.
     In order to keep my overhead as low as possible, and to concentrate on giving the very best home inspection I can, I have chosen to not offer inspections routinely offered by other inspectors such as mold testing, lead in paint, septic field inspection, Wood Destroying Insect (WDI or Termite) Inspections, and energy audits. I do know of other companies that provide these services and list them on my "Useful Links" page as a convenience for you. These are people whom I believe offer their services at a reasonable cost, are excellent professionals in their field, and whom I believe share my consumer advocate position. I receive no financial compensation from these other companies and they are not a part of my family wthe the exception of KLR Bookkeeping.
       What you receive from me is a professional and thorough Maryland home inspection which also meets the ASHI Certified home inspection standards. I will be using a computer software known as HomeGauge as I inspect. I will e-mail your inspection report as a PDF file the same day, with digital photos included. Would you believe, some inspectors actually charge more for photos? At the inspection you will receive a 3-ring binder with your copy of our agreement, my state mandated disclosure form, a copy of the Maryland SOP, and a copy of "Home Systems Guide - How To Operate Your Home" by Tom Feiza. Additionally, as I go through your new home, I'll tag the main water cut-off, the cut-off for the water heater, and some other things we may find in the home so you'll be better able to find them if you need them quickly.
     While other inspection companies may offer you a few more bells and whistles, remember, you're paying for those bells and whistles with a higher inspection fee! Send me an email or give me a call so we can discuss what you can expect from me.
Thank you!
     Kimberly Castro, On Thursday February 18, 2010 US News & World Report    ~  "Before you start picking out accent pillows for your sofa, you need to bring in a home inspector to check the safety of your potential new home. Inspectors will evaluate the structure, construction, and mechanical systems of the home  - - - They will examine everything from the electrical system, water heater, and HVAC system to the foundation and floors.
     Buyers should find and hire their own inspector--independent of the real estate broker--to ensure there isn't a conflict of interest "

     Sincerely, Charlie Rice, A.C.I.

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